Starting from june 2024

Explor games, guided walks
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Fun for all the family

Throughout the summer months, Robert the Devil’s Castle offers endless opportunities for visitors to come and play. There are lots of activities for children of all ages in the Castle and grounds, from “Ghost Hunting in Robert the Devil’s Castle” on the Explor Games app to guided walks and unmissable summer events.

We have plenty of surprises in store. The adventure starts in June 2024.

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A world of myths and legends 

The ruins of Robert the Devil’s Castle stand on the foundations of a fortress that dates back to the 11th century. It was destroyed and rebuilt several times before the legend that gave the castle its name was born in the 18th century. The wife of a Norman duke was so devastated that she couldn’t have any children that made a pact with the devil. As a result of this dreadful alliance, a cruel, bloodthirsty fiend was born: Robert le Diable!  

Its turbulent past has imbued Robert the Devil’s Castle with a mysterious atmosphere, somewhere between legend and fairytale. 

The whole story

Large-scale events

Robert the Devil’s Castle provides the backdrop to some fabulous, historical re-enactments that are truly magical!

In the delightful setting of its wooded grounds, the Castle is transformed to host large, weekend-long events that are packed with fun.

From Viking and medieval encampments to historical reconstructions and dreamlike animations, dress up in your tunic or suit of armour for a full-scale, immersive, in-person experience.

What’s on at the Castle