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Rouen Castle today

The Donjon is the only part of Rouen Castle that remains today. Built in the 13th century, this castle keep has provided the backdrop to many key events in history. Within its walls, Joan of Arc was threatened with torture. From the Hundred Years War to World War 2, it has its own stories to tell about the city of Rouen’s turbulent past.

Come and experience the timeless atmosphere of the Donjon for yourself. Open all year round for tours, immersive evenings, and Escape Room challenges when only the masters of the house hold all the secrets.

Medieval fortress

Explore the fortress

Let our tour guide show you around what remains of Rouen Castle. Behind the narrow windows and thick walls of this medieval fortress, discover a monument that has witnessed the history of Rouen since the Middle Ages.

From engraved coats of arms and unusual inscriptions to mysterious wells, the most fascinating stories from history are waiting to be discovered in the darkest corners of the Donjon. Follow in the footsteps of Joan of Arc, and of the German army during the Second World War.

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An Escape Game in a historic monument 

The Donjon was one of the first historic monuments in France to introduce an Escape Game, and has been a national benchmark in immersive, life-size  adventure games since 2017.

Following the Dammartin Plot set in medieval times and the Mystery of Blanchard during the Hundred Years War, the latest mission takes place during World War 2, with a challenge entitled “Liberate Rouen!”

Discover the mission