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Delve into the 15th century

Go back in time to witness the fascinating investigation conducted by Jean Juvénal des Ursins, the Archbishop of Reims, who led Joan of Arc’s second trial.

Make your way through the rooms of the Archbishop’s Palace as the centuries-old walls come alive to tell the remarkable story of Joan of Arc.

From her military exploits that helped save the French throne to her execution at the stake, experience the thrilling retelling of the life of one of the most iconic figures in French history.

Digital tour

The place where Joan of Arc’s trial was held

Right beside Rouen Cathedral, the Historial is located in the very building where Joan of Arc’s fate was sealed: the Palace of the Archbishop of Rouen.

In this monumental building, you can still visit the Officialité, the roomwhere Joan was sentenced in 1431 and where she was posthumously declared innocent following her retrial in 1456.

Take in the unique atmosphere, imbued with the presence of those who have passed within its walls over the centuries. It is in this special place that visitors from all over the world come to learn about France’s heroic, legendary figure.

Archbishop’s palace

Innovation and immersion

The Joan of Arc Historial is the first building on this scale in France to have decided to offer a wholly digital tour experience since it opened in 2015.

The content of the tour was designed by a panel of historians who are the top experts on the subject of Joan of Arc and produced by specialists in the latest technologies.

This unique way of working, combining innovation and scientific rigour, is the key to the success of the Joan of Arc Historial, as our visitors consistently appreciate the quality of the results.

Our approach

From history to legend

After her death, Joan of Arc became a heroine. The Mythothèque follows the digital tour. The exhibits in this “Myth Library” explain how myths surrounding the Maid of Orleans have come into being over the course of history.

Films, information boards, virtual historians, and the objects on display give visitors an understanding of the strategic role of this narrative and show how people have interpreted and often manipulated this historical figure over the centuries. 

Joan of Arc does not belong to any one person, she belongs to everybody. Come and discover her story.